Teachers are the nation-builders. They build the future citizens of the country. But nobody in our society thinks of the teachers. Our late President Dr. Sarbapali Radhakrishnan advised the countrymen to stop to observe the 5th September as his birthday, but to observe it as the Teacher's Day. So, since the year 1962 the 5th September is every year observed as the Teacher's Day.
Teachers are in charge of building the children of the society as the future citizens of the country. They teach them all art and all science. They teach the manners and behaviors. They make them the useful members of our nation. So, if the teachers are neglected, the country cannot advance. On the Teacher's Day, the whole nation gets a chance to think of the teachers. They think of how to give the teachers their due place in the society and how to respect them. They think of what have been done during the year past and what should be done during the year coming. On this day, they pay homage to the local teachers in the public meeting. This day, beholds a grand meeting of the teachers and the public.
On this day, the daily duty of the teachers is held suspended. The teachers are received by their students and the public in  a large meeting. The students and the people sing prayer to the teachers. They garland the teachers. They speak a lot in praise of the teachers. They express their gratitude to the teachers for their grand social service. The teachers are offered very rich banquets by the public. Money is collected from the public to contribute to the All-India Teacher's Fund. In this way the Teacher's Day is observed everywhere in India every year on the 5th September.
The Teacher's Day is really an important day for the nation. Every one should realize the importance of this day. If we can know how to respect the teachers, we will do the yeoman's service to country.